King Mez: Long Live the King Re-cap

Friday, April 25, 2014

King Mez - Long Live The King Concert from FYSH Clothing Co. on Vimeo.

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King Mez: Long Live the King Concert

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Last night was awesome, people who couldn't make it missed out on a dopeass event.  Here's a recap:

Met up with Jimmy, Sonya and Sheila and rolled to CAM Raleigh (the Contemporary Art Museum), the place where the event was taking place.

The venue was definitely dope, we came early so we got to check out some of the art

Saw this fool there, Jason Clary of All x Lies

Taurean Lewis of Estate Boutique

Some candid shots of people:

Went out back to snap some shots of Mez and his crew:

Of course you know Mez would be wearing some heat, plats with is Raleigh Denim jeans and jacket.

Dope shot of Nance and Company:

Behind the stage

Took some shots of this crew.  They gave me a $20 tip even though I didn't want it.  It was dope though, used the money to buy some Mez merch.

Drique London in the house!  When is Drique not sleepy?

 More pix of people

Mez had a camera crew there

Victor Lytvinenko of Raleigh Denim

This violinist held it down

Bensik was in the crowd feeling the vibe

Mez killin' it on stage

Vic (Sneakfiend) was there chillin

Signing Merch after the show

Such a dope event, everybody leaving with a smile

Until next time...

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