Saturday, May 31, 2008
Been researching a lot on fixed gears and watching videos. It's crazy how much of a community there is in NY and SF for these bikes. I actually went to go look at a fixed gear today. The guy told me to go ahead and give it a ride. It was wayyyy different than you would expect. I mean I knew you have to pedal all the time, but I kept wanting to coast but the pedals are always there pushing. It didn't help that the seat was too high and I was on my toes trying to pedal. Luckily he still had the front brake installed up front do I didn't have to learn how to skid stop right then. Going to look at a dope one tomorrow should be the one i'm going to get!

Here's the one i'm looking to buy

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dc in one weekend

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
.: so here they are, some pics from dc. not as many as I hoped, madd traffic everywhere. especially bikers, b/c of Rolling Thunder.

.: dc metro. only used it like once, driving was better.

.: checked out a hip hop show. hella dope.

.: wining & dining

.: outside our hotel balcony. eh, not bad, right?

.: site siting

.: pentagon mall was next. it was all decked out in patriotic colors

.: commonwealth! the dudes here are madd dope. next to our buddies at FM, they're the most down to earth people we've ever met; and they got a lot of ill goods droppin real soon, so be on the lookout

.: right next door, they got this place that sells this stuff called italian ice. tasty.

.: then started our trip back home, stopped for some dinner, a nap later, and we called it a day.

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tough love grand opening

Sunday, May 25, 2008
.: eh, this post is late. up in dc right now. I'll post dc pictures later, but for now, ya'll can check out what you missed out at tough love. ashley is doing it right.
.: merlin on the 1s and 2s

.: green planet catering. and it was free

.: clean store concept and design

.: dressing rooms were dope

.: good turnout too.

.: this looks familiar...

.: the notorious sarah dear, in person, doing what she does best

.: and here she is, ashley, the owner herself (congrats!) make sure ya'll, especially the ladies, check it out, there's a lot of good brands in there

.: hah, got my own picture now

.: reminds you of a david lachapelle video shoot, right?

.: make sure ya'll check out drawing blanks on june 6th by FM Goods & Endless Grind

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are you serious!?

Friday, May 23, 2008
.: is this for real? man, soon, we'll be like cali, w/ effin $4 a gallon gas. shieeeeet...

.: oops, my mistake, it is ashley's boutique tough love, and it's grand opening. and you can find out more about it and see pictures at

.: yes, I steal pictures, sometimes...

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creating sparks

Thursday, May 22, 2008
.: So we decided to head downtown and meet up w/ Ty, the man organizing things for the SparkCon event. When we were searching for offices a while back, Kenny came across this spot. It's pretty dope, but it's expensive too. Maybe next time.

We met up w/ Ty at the designBox. It's a design studio/gallery space in downtown Raleigh. They have a lot of creative and talented folks up in there.

.: beer & cookies (and crackers too). what more could cool ppl ask for.

.: Matt McConnell's "Momentum" is currently featured there. Don't know the guy, but his work's on point.

.: here's a peak at the studio in the back.

.: And in case for some insane reason you missed out on SparkCon last year, thanks to the youtube gods, you're fortunate enough to check out our previous collection in our first fashion show debut.

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old video

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
.: bahahahaa, thought this was funny

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nc sneaker summit

Monday, May 19, 2008
.: this is waay past due, but here are pics from nc sneaker summit, in case you missed you and you still haven't seen pictures from it. Be ready for next year!

.: sneakfiend's collection

.: dunny craze

.: sick customs

.: FM - jack & merlin

.: FYSH NCSS Exclusive!

.: man who put it together, khanh knot

.: this kid was fresh w/ the fitted

.: kooley high doin their thing

.: kaze & flu

.: forge copped the DC methamphibian

.: flava factory got steez

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