creating sparks

Thursday, May 22, 2008
.: So we decided to head downtown and meet up w/ Ty, the man organizing things for the SparkCon event. When we were searching for offices a while back, Kenny came across this spot. It's pretty dope, but it's expensive too. Maybe next time.

We met up w/ Ty at the designBox. It's a design studio/gallery space in downtown Raleigh. They have a lot of creative and talented folks up in there.

.: beer & cookies (and crackers too). what more could cool ppl ask for.

.: Matt McConnell's "Momentum" is currently featured there. Don't know the guy, but his work's on point.

.: here's a peak at the studio in the back.

.: And in case for some insane reason you missed out on SparkCon last year, thanks to the youtube gods, you're fortunate enough to check out our previous collection in our first fashion show debut.

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