dc in one weekend

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
.: so here they are, some pics from dc. not as many as I hoped, madd traffic everywhere. especially bikers, b/c of Rolling Thunder.

.: dc metro. only used it like once, driving was better.

.: checked out a hip hop show. hella dope.

.: wining & dining

.: outside our hotel balcony. eh, not bad, right?

.: site siting

.: pentagon mall was next. it was all decked out in patriotic colors

.: commonwealth! the dudes here are madd dope. next to our buddies at FM, they're the most down to earth people we've ever met; and they got a lot of ill goods droppin real soon, so be on the lookout

.: right next door, they got this place that sells this stuff called italian ice. tasty.

.: then started our trip back home, stopped for some dinner, a nap later, and we called it a day.

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