tough love grand opening

Sunday, May 25, 2008
.: eh, this post is late. up in dc right now. I'll post dc pictures later, but for now, ya'll can check out what you missed out at tough love. ashley is doing it right.
.: merlin on the 1s and 2s

.: green planet catering. and it was free

.: clean store concept and design

.: dressing rooms were dope

.: good turnout too.

.: this looks familiar...

.: the notorious sarah dear, in person, doing what she does best

.: and here she is, ashley, the owner herself (congrats!) make sure ya'll, especially the ladies, check it out, there's a lot of good brands in there

.: hah, got my own picture now

.: reminds you of a david lachapelle video shoot, right?

.: make sure ya'll check out drawing blanks on june 6th by FM Goods & Endless Grind

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