Monday, June 30, 2008

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Friday, June 27, 2008
FYSH collaboration with tees will be sold at HIN Nightshift in Concord, NC on July 12th.

Front Design:
Back Design:

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stuff to check out

Thursday, June 26, 2008
.: just a post about events that you might be interested in checking out.
FM & Sarah present Mike The 2600 King DJing at Alibi this Friday

Skaters from Foundation are doing a demo at Vertical this Sunday

.: Up in DC, they have this thing going on July 7-12. Looks interesting, check it out here

.: Also up in DC, we're all gonna head up there for this. Rock the Bells

.: on a random note, I like this:

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Yellow Dress

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
.: Just came back from a 3 hour dinner... @ sushi blue's. thanks, as always, alfie. While we waited though, there was this creepy ass post quarter-life crisis w/ self-identity issues in a tacky ass vest asian dude saying random ish like "I like your nice yellow dress" the whole time.... Anyway whatever, here's Ricky's new fixie before it goes through its make-over surgery.

.: Team FYSH, dead tired. From Ricky bustin his ass, to vogueing and karoake, to margaritas in the middle of the day, to the ridiculous flash flood rain, Raleigh Typhoon was pretty "liberating" haha. Check out sarah's blog for pics from the afterparty. You can see Halo rockin a fysh fitted somewhere.

.: So onto the Timbaland VS the Neptunes event. Night started a little slow. We was just relaxin while the night was young

.: DJ Paradime

... supports FYSH

.: DJ Forge.

.: And introducing... DJ C

.: I don't know what was going on, and you can't really tell in the picture below, but there was a big lesbian crowd out that night... hmm, regardless FYSH loves everybody, haha. Anyway, it was a nice turn-out and much thanks to everyone who came!

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Raleigh Typhooooooooon 2!

Friday, June 20, 2008
.: Are you ready for this saturday?! cuz Team FYSH is ready, ready to kick some ass! Haha, nah, Typhoon 2 is gonna be awesome. Make sure you head out and check out downtown Raleigh. If you ain't participating, watch out for some crazy looking people doing weird things and scrambling all over the place. That may or may not be us... o_O

.: Also, tonight, we better see you at the Library! Come party w/ us in that one city down the road. If not for the dope music DJ Forge & Paradime will be spinnin, then at least you'll get free stuff from us.

-metalgearsolidoficationizationing time! msg4isdashit

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crazy win!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
.: Did anyone watch the nba finals last night? Dayumm, Boston massacred it. We like both teams, but it's great to see KG finally get his ring. He deserves it. I wonder how it must be for the Johnny Cupcakes guy. He's all Boston, but then he has his new store opening in LA. Anyway, in the end, I guess the Celtics wanted the win more. I have this conspiracy theory though, that them finally getting a dance team might have something to do w/ it... motivationally, yadidamean? haha

Lakers had that smooth ride up to the top w/ Kobe getting the MVP and all, but then at the finals, they didn't see what was coming, slipped up real bad, abruptly halted that winning streak hard. Losing that bad probably felt a lot like this guy:

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
.: Download "My Drive Thru" from now. It's FREE. Song is dope. Julian Casablancas x Santogold x Pharell Williams.

.: The new nissan (skyline) gt-r is out. nuff said.
(images via ferrari murakami)

.: check out kristan horton's interesting pics. From Kubrick's movie Dr. Strangelove, she takes movie stills and replicates the scene using regular household objects and puts both pictures side by side.
(images via jeff staple)

.: Artist Chino & co-author Sasha Jenkins came out w/ this new book called Piecebook. Graffiti is usually sketched out on paper first in these books and then translated onto walls. This book has several graff art sketches from a lot of world famous artists. I want to cop one.

.: Today, Emerica's Wild Ride Tour stops in Raleigh. Autograph signing at Endless Grind - 1pm. Demo & Signing at Vertical Urge/Project 58 - 3pm.

.: Heads up, support two of our favorite DJs Forge & Paradime at Chapel Hill's the Library June 20th.

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office work

Monday, June 9, 2008
.: check out the new photos. I added the fysh logo to the bottom right. Just working another day at the office. Here's a small tour; so currently we're sharing space inside the Point of View Studio/Gallery.

.: This is the hallway once you step inside. Lots of unique art, and other offices people are using.

.: Yeah, and this is us working, haha.

.: Ricky's Frogskin Oakley's he copped from C'mon in DC

.: And a sneak peek at some of the finished products from a long day's worth of hard work. Dropping soon this summer.

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Packin Heat!

Saturday, June 7, 2008
.: Last night was bananas! So many people came out. The heat was ridiculous. Awesome job to FM, Endless, & Blacklisted crews.

.: Vic & our own Carolina

.: we couldn't bid on this one, haha.

.: all the decks at FM were sic as hell

.: DJ ill digitz, rockin the same fitted from tv

.: Our boys from the Sneakfiend Crew - Vic, Reggie, & Sudan rockin the new dope-ass sneakfiend fitteds. Go cop one now! Online or @ FM

.: FM boys workin hard

.: Then we headed a block on down to Endless Grind. Outside they set up a huge piece for the wall art. I didn't get the name of the artist(s). But dope shit to whoever made it.

.: chair made from decks. I think they're doing stuff like this out in LA too.

.: DJ Gonzo, one of the dj's who still keep it old school with the turntables. nice.

.: Ndelo, this man always works hard. You'll see him taking footage at every event, promoting his site, Check it out, he's also the face behind DRC clothing

.: I was feeling this deck set the best

.: Check out DJ Thien's sweet ass front wheel on his fixie. Ricky & Kenny were drooling

.: headed over to JimmyJohn's for a quick bite to eat. beach club, the best.

.: Blacklisted at Five Star. It was crazy packed, and effin hot as shiet! But it was def the party of the century. At least, one of the best Raleigh's ever seen. Look at this line.

.: Even this guy wanted in, haha, he was dope.

.: FYSH and friends

.: Eleven and Cosmo Baker of The Rub. Holy fuckin shit, these dudes straight murdered it. This has got to been one of the illest events I've ever been too. For ya'll that missed out, you can listen to the whole set here

.: I think we all like lost 5 gallons of water from sweat and burned like a million calories. We had to go grub, no better place than to stop by Gypsy's.

.: so at the end, nobody passed out from dehydration, a lotta people got madd stupid, everybody was satisfied. damn, what a helluva night.

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