crazy win!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
.: Did anyone watch the nba finals last night? Dayumm, Boston massacred it. We like both teams, but it's great to see KG finally get his ring. He deserves it. I wonder how it must be for the Johnny Cupcakes guy. He's all Boston, but then he has his new store opening in LA. Anyway, in the end, I guess the Celtics wanted the win more. I have this conspiracy theory though, that them finally getting a dance team might have something to do w/ it... motivationally, yadidamean? haha

Lakers had that smooth ride up to the top w/ Kobe getting the MVP and all, but then at the finals, they didn't see what was coming, slipped up real bad, abruptly halted that winning streak hard. Losing that bad probably felt a lot like this guy:

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