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Sunday, September 21, 2008
Here's a pic from the Raleigh News & Observer:

John Kim will have full coverage soon, no idea what Ricky is doing.


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F | A | S | H | I | O | N | S | P | A | R | K

Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Little Brother + Kooley, Inflow, & Median

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
.: Jimmy from Endless was right, Redman knows how to put on a show. Dude was hella dope live. It was his first time in NC. Madd people were out there this time. Carolina and Forge got there early and were up in the front. Sneakfiend and Sudan even came out too. Check their blogs for more pics from that night.
.: DJ Cosmo Baker was back and rocking the place with the ill beats. I forget his name but the hypeman that night had won Scion's Hypeman contest. Dude was sick as hell, definitely kept the party hype.
.: Redman, just as steezy in person as he is on the screen. Yeah, he's pretty much the shit, haha. And he'll be back Nov. 23 and w/ Meth too! It'll be like $30 or something like that. We're definitely heading back.
.: This one dude was tagging up everything that night. He did this one real quick. The crazy thing is, the bus driver, security posse whatever, was just around the corner of the bus. o_O gangsta shit....
.: Talk about a crazy night, we were all chillin outside after the show. All of a sudden, we hear a screech and look out on the street. And right then this car like swerves into a lamp post, which slams his car, and he tries to jet off, with sparks flying everywhere. Everyone did a simultaneous, "wtf...?!" And then like two seconds later, cop lights go off, and everyone was like "OOoooo Shheeeeet!", and not too long after, the car died. Craziest thing I've seen. The guy musta been doing something wrong, peeped the 5-0, panicked and tried to run for it, but just fucked himself over even worse. Man, that sucks ass for that guy.
.: There was like five cop cars and a firetruck that all lit up the scene. Dude's car was straight busted. Now, so's his life. damn...
P.S. As soon as I have a chance, I'll post video from the night. Redman pulled out some dope freestyle at the end.

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SparkCon: fashionSpark|bazaarSpark

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Calling all local peoples please come out this weekend in Raleigh, NC. Every year SparkCon rolls around.
What is SPARKcon? It's a local talent showcase and a series of workshops to capture ideas about the creative future of the Triangle area of NC.

SPARKcon is completely grass-roots! It's not a city program, a non-profit, or an economic development stunt. It's an ever-growing group of passionate local people showcasing their talents and having a say in our community... would you like to play a part?

Friday the 19th FYSH is going to be participating in out 2nd fashionSpark! It's a select runway event showcasing local designers from t-shirts, chain mail clothing (yes chain mail), and high end custom clothing. Last year we showed King of the Sea, In FYSH We Trust, and etc. Check it out here:

That night and the next (Saturday the 20th) We will be selling Tees at $20 a piece, Hats for $25, crewnecks for $30, and $35 for 2 pieces (hat + tee) or ( 2 tees). It's going to be bananas afterparty at Mosquitos!


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DRC | NC PhotoShoot Party

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
.: This past weekend we headed out to Durham to check out Ndelo's party. If you've kept up with the blog, I first posted about Ndelo (pronounced Del-Low, silent N) a while back from the Endless deck art exhibition post. But just to bring you up to speed, Eric Ndelo is one of the founders of the clothing line, DRC and the community networking website, (that's Networking Unit For Arts Commerce and Entertainment and Sports in North Carolina). But before we had to take on the hard work of having our pictures taken, we had to pull a Michael Phelps, and build up some carbs first - Korean style.

.: Soon Do Bu, this is some bangin food. Not for everyone though... And that's tofu you see in there.

.: Drove over to 202 Lounge & Art Gallery. Got there a little early, so we were chillin on their nice couches. Place wasn't bad - had a real contemporary design theme to it.

.: The ladies. Sorry homies, but they're both already taken.

.: DJ Ill Digitz of Inflow played nothing but dope tunes the whole night

.: Chill'd w/ the Sneakfiend crew. Vic prolly took about as many pictures as I did. By the way, here's that one pic. It kinda turned out funny - blurry and bright o_O

.: Place started filling up pretty quick. Lots of people rolled deep with their brands and soon it was time for FYSH's shoots. Took a few pics while standing on the side lines. Big shout-out to Charlie Smarts reppin Kooley High + Inflowential for getting down w/ FYSH and rockin our gear. Kooley's Summer Sessions is out now, if you haven't copped one yet, go do it. Now.

.: I had my camera on me when my turn came, so I just took one of the photographer's pictures, and sorta tweaked it, haha

.: Shout-out to Brittay & JD, who were working hard interviewing everyone, and trying to capture what was poppin off at the event. Check out their vid below. It's madd professional and everything. If you wanna skip to our interview, it's a little past the half-way point. I think Kenny was at the bar and Carolina was still working at her job. Anyway damn, I sound like a little kid. My voice is a lot sexier in real life though, ladies.

.: Met lots of cool peeps out there. There were these real chill dudes there that we got talkin too. Madd cool & laid back; you can tell they're hungry for knowledge, and eager to make it in this game like us. So big shout-out to the Futuriztik crew, Josh P, Mike, John, & Kobe (I didn't get the name of the fifth dude). That Kobe kid seems to be multi-tasking, he's bloggin for Futuriztik & this up and coming fashion blog that's along the lines of hypebeat & highsnob called The website look is a little bland, it's like any other blogspot, but the content seems alrite, and it seems like its updated regularly, so I guess it's straight.

.: Another dude there was this guy named Ayinde. His art was pretty nice. He had this one painting of Mos Def that was dope. You can see the one he was working on throughout the night on the counter behind him. Obama?

.: Charlie rockin some Alife's

.: Real quick, shout-out to Shea & Rod too. Well, here's the man working hard behind the scenes and helping to bring the night together. Thanks for having us, and we appreciate your support Ndelo. Shout-out to anyone else I might have forgotten to mention. 202 has good mojitos btw. Ok, 8am, peace, I'm out.

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