Wednesday, September 17, 2008
.: Jimmy from Endless was right, Redman knows how to put on a show. Dude was hella dope live. It was his first time in NC. Madd people were out there this time. Carolina and Forge got there early and were up in the front. Sneakfiend and Sudan even came out too. Check their blogs for more pics from that night.
.: DJ Cosmo Baker was back and rocking the place with the ill beats. I forget his name but the hypeman that night had won Scion's Hypeman contest. Dude was sick as hell, definitely kept the party hype.
.: Redman, just as steezy in person as he is on the screen. Yeah, he's pretty much the shit, haha. And he'll be back Nov. 23 and w/ Meth too! It'll be like $30 or something like that. We're definitely heading back.
.: This one dude was tagging up everything that night. He did this one real quick. The crazy thing is, the bus driver, security posse whatever, was just around the corner of the bus. o_O gangsta shit....
.: Talk about a crazy night, we were all chillin outside after the show. All of a sudden, we hear a screech and look out on the street. And right then this car like swerves into a lamp post, which slams his car, and he tries to jet off, with sparks flying everywhere. Everyone did a simultaneous, "wtf...?!" And then like two seconds later, cop lights go off, and everyone was like "OOoooo Shheeeeet!", and not too long after, the car died. Craziest thing I've seen. The guy musta been doing something wrong, peeped the 5-0, panicked and tried to run for it, but just fucked himself over even worse. Man, that sucks ass for that guy.
.: There was like five cop cars and a firetruck that all lit up the scene. Dude's car was straight busted. Now, so's his life. damn...
P.S. As soon as I have a chance, I'll post video from the night. Redman pulled out some dope freestyle at the end.

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