Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Our peeps over at Kooley High is blessing everyone with some brand new Free music. This is just to help the movement of good music. Don't sleep on this. You got my stamp of approval and you will not be disappointed.

This my shit right here. I think I played it 20 straight times just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Kooley High ft. Skyzoo and Halo - Handle my Biz

"You cant even do what the title say 'Gettin Up'"
-Charlie Smarts

Kooley High - Gettin Up Remix

Viva La Hova. Mick Boogie and Terry Urban always pumping out good shit. Im still on that motivation mixtape. Check out if you haven't heard it.

Anyways here is the link:

Viva La HOVA

That will keep you guys buzy until we release the fall line.


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Shaun Evaristo

Sunday, October 26, 2008

.: So if you're somewhat into the hip hop dance choreography scene, you have to have heard of this guy. If not, just type "shaun evaristo" in youtube, and you'll get a ton of results (people even put his name in tags so their videos get more views). Dude is a sick dancer and choreographer. No, he's not on tv, like ABDC or SYTYCD, but that's not his thing. Representing the Bay, he's created his own unique style of dance. He's had his own group called Gen 2 and is also one of the head choreographers of The Company. Both of these teams are well-recognized and have won numerous competitions. He's choreographed for NLT, Big Bang (a big time Korean male pop group), danced for Omarion, you can see him in the Vanessa Hudgen's Sears commercial. He's also part of the current faculty at Millenium Dance Complex. I've met the guy in person and he's madd down-to-earth and chill. He's been very supportive of us and we fully appreciate that and we're equally just as supportive of him and the awesome work he's done so far. Check out his stuff and be on the look-out cuz this guy's gonna make it huge!

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Hella Late

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
.: yeah, suppose to post these a long while back. well, better late then never. Here's some pics from fashionSpark 2008.
.: Forge was the official dj this year, and what's he rockin, yes, sunglasses. o, and the shark imposter tee.

.: Isaac was production manager of fashionspark

.: stage from forge's pov.

.: mohawk was sick

.: sarah dear on the hustle

.: haha, kenny, ralph lauren-ish pose

.: "practice"

.: Angel rockin the fyshbone v-neck

.: The FashionSpark 2008 Fysh models

.: and us, haha

.: Quynh, Li, and C gettin ready

.: Our oFYSHal fashionspark volunteer, Amy. Thanks again for all your help!

.: FYSH "interns" haha. Big thanks to sam, sunny, & becca for workin the table while we ran around backstage

.: some chick from the unc newspaper interviewed us at the end of the show, I found the video, but our interview isn't on there, liar. anyway, you still see the our gear & the fysh girls right before we walk on stage.
Edit - ok that quicktime thing wasn't cutting it, so here's the link instead:"

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Family Affair

Friday, October 10, 2008

I recently took a trip over to visit the Pacific Ocean. It was a great treat being out there with family that I have not seen for quite some time. It was a pleasure to witness both weddings (especially the one in Hawaii).

I also had the pleasure of riding 26 miles down one of the numerous mountain tops. It was a mind blowing experience which included going downhill at speeds up to 20 or 30 miles per hour. Might not seem fast but on a bicycle it seems like you were flying. Juggling paying attention to the road and wanting to look at scenery is no easy task. All of us got down the trail safely. We even had one guest to take this biking journey in sandals. She was a trooper and made it down without one scratch on her pedicure.

Finally here are a few snapshots from the wedding that I took.

Wish you guys both best of luck and congrats on finally tying the knot after decades (slight exaggeration) of dating.



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