Hella Late

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
.: yeah, suppose to post these a long while back. well, better late then never. Here's some pics from fashionSpark 2008.
.: Forge was the official dj this year, and what's he rockin, yes, sunglasses. o, and the shark imposter tee.

.: Isaac was production manager of fashionspark

.: stage from forge's pov.

.: mohawk was sick

.: sarah dear on the hustle

.: haha, kenny, ralph lauren-ish pose

.: "practice"

.: Angel rockin the fyshbone v-neck

.: The FashionSpark 2008 Fysh models

.: and us, haha

.: Quynh, Li, and C gettin ready

.: Our oFYSHal fashionspark volunteer, Amy. Thanks again for all your help!

.: FYSH "interns" haha. Big thanks to sam, sunny, & becca for workin the table while we ran around backstage

.: some chick from the unc newspaper interviewed us at the end of the show, I found the video, but our interview isn't on there, liar. anyway, you still see the our gear & the fysh girls right before we walk on stage.
Edit - ok that quicktime thing wasn't cutting it, so here's the link instead:

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