Hundreds X Disney

Tuesday, December 9, 2008
I have to say, there have always been some really unique collaborations in "streetwear" (I really hate using that word). Usually the best ones happens when some big giant corporation teams up with a small underground clothing brand. These collabs are cool because it enables the corporate people to go back to their roots. Whether this is just a money-making scheme or a really genuine project is up to the consumer. Everybody knows about the typical Nike collaboration with everyone, or New Era collabs, but most recently, The Hundreds have teamed up with cartoon giant Disney to create a whole line of very dope items (mens tees, girls tees, and hats).

The Hundreds has to be one of my favorite brands. Based out of Cali, most notably in Rosewood and recently in San Francisco, they are a true inspiration for us. As a designer for FYSH, The Hundreds is definitely a brand that we aspire to be like. They are very homegrown and local-minded. The brand recently celebrated their 5th anniversary and it seems like they are bound for greatness and continued success. Their mantra is simple and their clothing represents who they are.

Anyways, check out this short vid about the inside workings of Hundreds X Disney:

Hundreds Follow Up (some really awesome pieces):

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