Nudie Jeans

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
As soon as I got into streetwear, my first obsession was sneakers and hoodies. But as I dig deeper into the trend, I found myself fixated in the denim scene. I started off buying a pair of raw True Religion jeans (the Billy cut), just to see what the hype was about for this brand. When I got it, I was disappointed by the way it fit. The jeans were labeled my size, but they fit about 3 times bigger than it was supposed to. After soaking and several washes, the jeans were still too big. Overall, the jeans were pure crap. The front pockets were too small, everything would fall out of your pocket whenever you sat down. The back pockets had huge buttons that would wedge into your buttocks when you sat on hard surfaces. The jeans simply were not made for me and they looked horrible with sneakers. 

Since I was still into those hype brands, my next pair was these raw Rock & Republic jeans, which fits great and looked great. Unfortunately, these jeans only looked good when I rocked them with my wallabees. They simply looked out of place with my sneakers and I didn't really like the embroidered "R's" in the back pocket. Then, I started learning about the history of denim and got my first introduction to selvedge denim and their superior construction. I actually got my first pair of selvedge denim from GAP, they were on sale for $20 and I couldn't resist. It was the Gould cut, and they were just too baggy. I wore them for a few months, mainly to breakdance in since they were baggy. I was not impressed by the fit at all, but for $20, they weren't bad. 

I then saved up enough money to get my first good pair of selvedge denim, Nudies Regular Ralf from I've heard a lot about the Swedish brand, and I really wanted to own a pair myself. I remember when I first got it, I was really excited. I wore them to sleep and ruined my white sheets, it was stupid, but I didn't care. I wore those jeans almost every day for like 6 months. They were fading really great and I could see my masterpiece coming to life with prominent whisker, honeycomb, and stacks mark fading away the indigo dye. At around 8 months of owning the Nudies, I wanted another pair of jeans to cycle into my daily wadrobe, so I got a pair of 21cm Dior Homme raw denim. They weren't selvedge, but they had amazing fit. I really wanted them for the fit, but also for the scar stitching in the back pocket and that subtle metal tab on the belt loop. The Diors were great, but I always went back to my Nudies. 

For some reason, I had an affinity to the Nudies and I couldn't stop wearing them. I washed my Nudies for the first time after wearing it for about a year, which was great because they started stretching a lot and washing them shrunk them down to my size again. Now, I just wash them anytime it gets dirty or stretches out. So far, no rips, no crotch blowouts, no problems. I am hoping to wear them for a few more years. I've added some 10 deep selvedge jeans into the cycle as well as some uniqlo selvedge skinny jeans, but there's nothing special about them. They just don't do it like my Nudies. I know a lot of denim connoisseurs prefer other brands like samurai, sugarcane, or flathead over Nudies any day, but I really love my Nudies and it made me realized what being a true denim connoisseur is all about. It's about the love for wearing jeans and wearing them until it perfectly molds into your lifestyle. It's not about having a bunch of the most expensive jeans or the highest quality jeans. It's about finding the pair of jeans that you love wearing so much, you feel like you're betraying it by wearing any other pair of jeans. This is not to say you are limited to love only one pair of jeans to be a true denim connoisseur, what I am saying is that you need to have the love for wearing jeans in general. 

The love for wearing them comes with an understanding for the way it feels, the fit, the cut of the jeans, the quality, the material, ect. If all of this fits your expectation, then you’ve found a good pair of jeans. At the end of the day though, it’s all about wearing what you like and what you feel good in. Ignore those that tries to tell you otherwise.

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