The Pocket Watch

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
So this holiday season I really wanted to get a watch. Ricky is over there rocking like 3 G-Shocks at a time and AT is sporting this nice SEIKO that his wifey bought. What am I going to get? I started looking at a bunch of G-Shocks and had me heart set on this clear one for ~120. Then one day a few weeks back I was sitting around with John (my room mate and FYSH affiliate) and thought I'd be awesome if I rocked a pocket watch with a chain and everything. DONE.

Found an old antique shop here in RTP, NC and they had a whole selection of pocket watches. I met this really nice lady name Diane and she pretty much gave me the deal of the century on the pocket watch. PURCHASED.

Whenever I tell someone I bought a pocket watch they almost immediately ask, "why?". I had to think for a while and what I came up with was a lot of reasons. It's for the same reason why I wear raw denim and haven't washed them in 2 years. The same reason I ride a fixed gear bike with no brakes. It's niche thing that I can call my own plus it has a lot of elegance that a watch doesn't have.

American Waltham circa 1890.
30 hour wind
Hand Set

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