Red Bull Battleship

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two weekends ago, Our good friend DJ SK invited me and the BF to head down to Wilmington to check out a Skate boarding competition hosted by Red Bull. Red Bull Battleship took place on none other than the one and only historic WWII USS North Carolina, RIGHT ON THE DECK! The deck of the ship was turned into a skate park as 9 skate shops faced head to head in a tournament style competition for money, and huge torpedo shaped trophies(I'm not kidding). Among the nine teams, shops showed up from FL, GA, NC, and SC, including our friends over at Vertical Urge and Endless Grind. I wasn't able to get some good shots of the Endless Grind team, but big ups to them for taking home 3rd place! The Results:

1st Westside Skate Shop, Tampa, FL
2nd Skate Park of Tampa, Tampa, FL
3rd Endless Grind, Raleigh, NC
4th Ambush, Atlanta, GA
5th Vertical Urge, Raleigh, NC
6th Double Wide Skate & Surf Shop, Wilmington, NC
7th Continuum Skate Shop, Charleston, SC
8th Board City, Jacksonville, FL

Whats a trip without stopping by Bojangles

DJ SK holdin it down on the 1s n 2s

PLENTY of RedBull n RedBull Cola

Scotty from Vertical Urge

Connor from Vertical Urge

Thanks again to Jodi for inviting us, It was a great day :)


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