FYSH x F|M Goods Winter 09 Release Party

Sunday, January 11, 2009
It was another dope event at F|M Goods, except this time, it was twice as dope because we were releasing our new winter 09 tees. The combination of free beer, free raffle, and two free FYSH giveaway packages really set the evening in the right mood for everybody that showed up.

To win our giveaway package, you had to guess the number of lighters that was in this jar

Merlin, co-owner of F|M Goods and an old skool hip hop DJ. Also, that's DJ Prince in the background, mixing it up the whole night to keep the event poppin'.

F|M Goods employee working the counter

DQM x Nike sneakers

The man behind the camera

Outfit ideas

F|M has all your fitted needs, they always keep a nice stock of all the best streetwear fitteds

Homemade FYSH plush dolls

F|M has all your premium Nike needs as well.

New FYSH fitteds, coming soon.

The "FCC" fitteds.

FYSH winter 09 tees

OG FYSH member Kross Pham and his girlfriend Amy

It's always embarrassing to see people rocking the same sneakers you're rocking, sadly for me, these fools had to show up in AJ III's, they wanna be just like me.

DJ Forge, Vic of Sneakfiend, and OG FYSH members Ricky & Carolina

hip hop choreographer & our newest FYSH member John Kim and Paul Tonog of Fusion hip hop dancing team. Paul won the DQM sneaker raffle that evening.

Man, I like these ALIFE a lot.

Cross your legs if you're a girl.......haha.

The Gruesome Threesome >______<

Just in case you're wondering, that really is how Kross looks like.....all the time o______O

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