The Unknown Hipster

Sunday, May 31, 2009

.: So I came across this amusing blog called The Unknown Hipster. It's actually written by Jean Philippe Delhomme, but it's about a fictional anonymous author who talks about his experiences with the A-list world of fashion, art, and photography - like Karl Lagerfield and Scott Schuman. It's pretty humorous reading in the French sort of way, haha. Anyway, I think his art is really dope and creative.

- john k

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Ryan Leslie 101 - Mixed by DJ Forge

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recently FYSH helped sponsor A new DJ Forge Mixtape. This time he made a tribute to the Amazing work of Ryan Leslie. For those of you living under a rock(SERIOUSLY) and do not know who he is, Check out his Official Site. This man is AMAZING....His work is IMPECABLE. He produces, he writes, he sings, he is a smart business man....Random point.....He Graduated Harvard at 19.....19!!!!!! What I think is great is how relatable he is. Check out this Blog post of his about Black Cards. Like many people out there, he shows that he too is human, and at one point was just as financially irresponsible as any young person. In honor of his work, DJ Forge has put together a great intro mix to R.Les work, consisting of some slow and uptempo R&B tracks. Check it out, whether your a seasoned fan or a new fan: Ryan Leslie 101

01.Intro / Cassie - Me and U (Ryan Leslie Remix)
02.Danity Kane - Ooh Ahh
03.Ryan Leslie - The Way U Move
04.New Edition - Hot 2nite
05.Ryan Leslie - Break This Down
06.Slim - Good Lovin’
07.Ryan Leslie - Valentine
08.Donell Jones - Better Start Talking
09.Ryan Leslie - Used 2 Be (ft. Fabolous)
10.Ryan Leslie - Irina11.Cassie - Is It You
12.Krys Ivory - Next 2 Ya
13.Cassie - Sometimes
14.Cheri Dennis - I Love You
15.Ryan Leslie - Elektro
16.Ryan Leslie - The One
17.Cassie - Long Way 2 Go
18.Ryan Leslie - Rock U
19.Ryan Leslie - Wanna Be Good

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Let the Beat Build (cover) by Nyle

.: So there's this rapper out there named Nyle. You may or may not have heard of him. Anyway, he decided to do a cover to Lil' Wayne's dope song. So long story short, he got together with 194 Recordings and Last Pictures and made this sick video. What's so crazy about it, is it's done all in one take! AND with the audio simultaneously being recorded with the filming. Check out the video. You can read the whole story about the background here.
Directed by Chadd Harbold

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

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Captain Kirk Chair

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
.: Have you seen Star Trek yet? If not, you need too. That movie was dope, from beginning to end. I haven't heard anyone yet who's said anything bad about it. I'm not your hard core Trekkie fan (I think I've only seen like 1 episode?) But regardless of whether you kept up with the show or not, you'll appreciate the movie. Anyway, if you wanna experience what it feels like to be James Tiberius Kirk, and you got the dough, you can geek out on this authentic replica of the chair created by then set director Matt Jefferies. It'll cost you a cool grip though, $2900.

If I were to start watching any space/sci-fi tv series, it'd be Battlestar Galatica. The ladies on that show are hella fine.

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Last game???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.: I don't know how many of ya'll actually kept up with the hurricanes this season, hell, I'll admit I didn't really pay attention until the Boston Bruins series. But anyway, after many sucky seasons, the canes have once again rose up, and now they're at the Eastern Finals. Tonight could be the last game against the Penguins, but hey, you never know, we (as in the canes) could still turn things around. Anyway, hope we bring the heat tonight. Go Canes! (and if you read this, rock FYSH!)

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Happy Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
.: Haven't made a post here in a minute. Course, my posts have been random, about random shit, but interesting random shit. o_O Anyway, some stuff I thought was dope.

Holzweg Wood Frame Bike

.: Designer Arndt Mende wrote this thesis about how if the properties were utilized correctly, wood could be an excellent material for design. Like making this 2.3kg fixie frame.

Menke must have been inspired by Kenny, because his design choices look very familiar...

FYSH wants to take the troops for protecting our country. Happy Memorial Day.

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Wooden FYSH Logo

Friday, May 15, 2009
My pops used to do wood carving back in the day and I called him up the other day and asked if he could make me our Fysh character out of wood. He said sure, and started on it yesterday. Anyways, it looks super dope, my pops still got it. Check it out:

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