The Fresh Stock

Thursday, June 25, 2009
My daily routine normally consists of waking up, feed my little boy and get him ready for daycare, brush my teeth, get dress for work, and rather then eating breakfast and reading the newspaper before leaving for work, I jump online and hit up the blogs. My blog cycle always starts with hypebeast, formatmag, highsnobiety, freshnessmag, cool hunting, gizmodo, speed hunters, and some other random ones. I normally just scroll through them real quick to see if I see anything I like, I rarely spend time reading through them for details. Lately though, a new blog that I've added to my cycle got me really interested, a blog that I actually want to read through the stuff they post. is the blog and their focus is on upcoming brands just like us. It's dope to see a blog dedicated to all the people still hustling out there, and it's a lot of fun to read. They recently did a feature on our lookbook in their main blog, and they just put up a feature on our new anchor fitteds in their "hats" section. Anyways, you guys have to check them out and see all the upcoming brands featured on their site. It's a nice and fresh reading material for those of you in the scene.

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