2nd Annual NC Sneaker Summit

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
The 2nd Annual N.C. Sneaker Summit was this past weekend and the location was shifted to Charlotte, NC. We were expecting a much bigger turnout than last year but we didn't quite bring out the crowd we were hoping. So it's back to the drawing board and figuring out how to draw a bigger crowd for next year. Anyways, here's a recap of the event:

Kenny holding up our new Butcher tee, a collabo we did with our friend Jimmy Nguyen.

Our fitteds stackeddd up for sale:

We had two tables, one for selling shoes from our collection, the other was for selling FYSH stuff.

There was no shortage of heat at this event, all 3 Yeezy's:

Black Supreme blazers, one of my fav sneaker of all time:

Lots and lots of jayheads at the event:

Loons, you don't see those everyday:

Bboys and Bgirls were breaking it down throughout the day for our entertainment:

I was selling some of my own stuff that I didn't wear much anymore:

This display case was packed with some high dollar heat:

A nice display case with some dope Jays:

Another nice display of jays:

Overall, the event had a great showing of vendors. There was good music from the DJ, great entertainment from the breakdancers and emcees, and we met a lot of very cool people. The FYSH table had a good amount of traffic come through and everybody was really feeling the stuff we were producing. In the end, the turnout could definitely be better but Kross and Jimmy made out real good at this year's summit by winning prices from the raffle contest. Jimmy won a rare pair of Jordan III's and Kross won some........K-Swiss, haha. Kross was pretty bummed, but at least he won something. Hopefully next year we can make this event a lot better with a much bigger turnout.

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