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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be There.

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Friday, January 22, 2010
.: Haven't posted in a long time. It's cuz I've been out here in Korea. Anyway, I'll save the how-its-been-so-far/what-its-like story for another time. Instead I'll post more interestin material, like if I were to visit Seoul, what stores can I hit up? Well, I haven't found a lot, but one that def stands out and which you'll occasionally read about on Bobby's blog, is the boutique Kasina. It carries a lot of the big brands like Stussy, The Hundreds, and Crooks. But I think it's the go-to store for legit street wear here in general. I think their online store has a wider range of brands to choose from. Anyway, dope store worth checking out.

It's in a part of Seoul called "Hongdae", which is short for Hongik University. University in Korean is "daehakyo" or just "dae" for short. Anyway, the school is known for its Arts and Design. Hence the area surrounding the school reflects that - so you'll see a lot of fashionable people, boutiques, arts, music, etc. A hub of creative minds. Hongdae is also known as the "Clubbing District" of Seoul cuz there's hella clubs around. I'll make a club post later. More on Hongdae next time.


if you look up, you'll see these huge scale kicks sticking out the wall.

mean-mugging. it was around 3:15pm and they still weren't open, hence, the line. idk if there was a special release that day or not.

Hongik University.

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