ISO Debut Event: The Gathering of the East

Monday, March 15, 2010
Besides having my full time job and working on FYSH on the side, I also help run this local automotive tuning forum online called, and I am part of a car club called Team RPM ( A while back, a couple of my team mates and I decided to start up a series of organized car meets since the small meets we were already hosting were becoming too popular and outgrew the venue we were using. We created this new thing called "I/S/O", which stands for "Insane Stance & Offset", where the focus is on the stance aspect of automotive tuning. I've been keeping a separate blog for I/S/O to feature East Coast based cars that exemplifies what a good stance is all about. In the West Coast, stance and offset has been the craze for a while now, but we're slow to catch up in the East Coast....or more specifically, the SouthEast region. Anyways, check out my other blog ( and come through to the Debut Event. FYSH will be there to sell gear and rep the brand as well.

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