Monday, June 7, 2010
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So as you may or may not know, FYSH had the opportunity to be a vendor at World of Dance (WOD) NY.  When we were approached, I immediately jumped at the chance to do something like this.  We have talked about doing an event with the dance community and felt like it was perfect timing to branch out.  The date was 2 months out so a lot had to be done before we could actually make the trip to NY.

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First we had to make some new items specifically for the WOD crowd. So we ended up bringing back some of our best tees in our repertoire.  This includes our Dead Pocket tee/V and out Varsity logo tee (formerly the “fresh fysh daily tee”).  The Varsity tee ditched the outfit and knife it was blown up to take up the whole chest.  On the sleeve was our motto “FYSH A LA MORT” or “FYSH TO THE DEATH”, which adorned all 3 of our new tees at the show.  Rounding out the bunch was our Butcher tee that exhibits a butcher shop type logo.

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After the clothing was set it was time to think about how we were going to set ourselves apart.  It has always been in the plans to sell our tees like fish, but how to make our table feel this way was a big accomplishment.  Pictures above was Jimmy and he really brought a lot of fresh ideas by, pun intended.  We both drew up ideas of the table and took the best points from both.  It was a great collaboration in that we were always moving forward and finding new creative ways to implement what we wanted.  I’ll be doing future posts on “under the surface” or kind of behind the scenes stuff later. Specifically the booth and anchor.

What we ended up with had to be one of the most official/serious setups that has blessed WOD.  Whether it was our ice display equipped with REAL kale and fake plastic ice OR the wrapping of tees in paper OR the crates out front OR the chalkboard OR the official rack with pulleys; you really couldn’t deny that we came prepared to give our customer an experience.  It was pretty amazing how much everyone took to our setup.  Whether it was the dancer, patrons, or even the other clothing lines I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, customer or not.

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It was great to finally meet up with all of the crews we have been watching on season on ABDC5, especially SN6 (thx for the love!!).  Blueprint and Poreotix also stopped by and checked out the spot.  Even better than that old FYSH fans came out of the woodwork.  Our first sale was to a dude that’s been following us since we made our “great wave tee”, which is probably 2.5 years ago.  Then our loyal fan Zooey has been reppin’ FYSH since she was in high school and now she is a Senior in college. 

P1080378 copyZooey giving a testimonial

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new FYSHies

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Me & Jimmy with Gustavo & Enrique from SN/SN6

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Me & Marco with TL from Blueprint

P1080375 copyPoreotix was loving the booth, much love!

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Our boy Karl with Eunji & Jordan from SidePro. They like FYSH straight up.

All in all it was a crazy weekend.  We got into Ny at 6 am, slept for ~5 hours, then got to setting up for WOD.  After a short/late lunch it was time to let the festivities begin!  We had fun with the setup the whole day.  We even started throwing the tees, like a fish market, for me to wrap up.  It was a great experience to meet all of you guys.  We just hope that everyone how was around took a little something home with them even if you didn’t buy anything.

Watch out for the FYSH WOD NY video SOON!

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