The amazing skills of Boon Vong

Thursday, November 18, 2010
I was recently looking through some old FYSH files that I had and I forgot about this incredible piece of artwork that an artist named Boon Vong drew for us.  Man, this guy is truly gifted, as he is able to portray people so precisely through his drawings that they look like photographs.  I've tried drawing people all the time, but I can never capture exactly how they look, it's really hard for me.  For Boon, he's able to do it perfectly, capturing every feature to allow you to see exactly how that person looks like in pencil or charcoal or whatever medium he feels like using.  It's definitely some of the highest quality work I've seen, and it's inspirational to see someone so talented using his skills to capture normal people rather than drawing celebrities.  Check out Boon's work at

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