NC State HipHop/Sneaker Summit

Sunday, February 20, 2011
We were invited to the NC State HipHop/Sneaker Summit this past weekend. Seeing that everybody who's a part of FYSH went to NC State, we had to come and support.

I brought my little man with me to the event, equipped with some baby infrareds and matching polo.

As you can see, he rocks these shoes to death:

Jimmy Setting up:

Carolina came down from DC to help out:

New beanies looking fresh around some fresh kale:

The sign was pretty dope until my little man smeared it up, now we gotta redo it again:
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Our nautical inspired clothing rack:

Crate displays:

We're ready to sell:

Tatted up, they start young:

This is pretty much our setup:

Some of the various setups that we saw:

Met this guy that does all the screen printing for his line himself, pretty dope:

Our boy DJ Forge at the helms of the music for the day:

Time to work:

People wild'out when they saw that I brought deadstock OG bred XI's w/ the original box and err'thing.  Even 9th Wonder (a Grammy award-winning hip hop and R&B producer) was interested.

The man, the legend, coming through to grace us with his knowledge at the hip hop lecture:

The event was overall pretty chill, gotta come and support the local movement.

Peace'in out to the happy faces of our homegirl Carolina and our boy Halo:

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