Nautical Baby's Room

Monday, September 19, 2011
So with the arrival of my second son Ethan, I decided to re-do the baby's room in a Nautical theme.  Just got the basic layout down, it's still missing shelves and some FYSH swagger.  I'll update with more results later as I find time to finish the room.  It's just always hard finding the time to do anything with a newborn and a toddler to take care.

Check out the clouds light from Ikea.
I need to stencil "FYSH" into the lifesaver that's hanging on the wall
My oldest, Ashton loves his boat bed, but he just wants me to ditch the mattress so he can use it like a real boat.
overpaid for this rocking lamb at Pottery Barn.
I like this lamp, it has a ship on it.

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