Beats Executive

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I actually own a pair of the regular Beats, don’t worry it came with a free ipod that I sold on eBay to subsidize the cost.  The problem I always had with them is that they are always a bit too flashy.  They have this high gloss and bright red accent to them, which draws attention.  It’s probably why they have been so popular to date.  Using the black cord for the mic instead of the red helps with this but still can’t help feel a little young for whipping them out in the airport or in public in general.  The studio pros are a bit more subdued, but still have that bright silver finish to them. 

So here comes the newest installment, Beats Executive.  Aimed squarely at more professional type users looking for a toned down look.  I love the stitched leather on top and the brushed steel on the cans.  the black b’s work too.  Overall it’s a very elegant look.  Now comes the price $399.99, that’s definitely executive, haha.


After using my headphones I can definitely say they are one of the best I’ve used.  However it is the consensus that there are plenty of better alternative for less than half the price; brand like Grados, Sennheiser, or even Sony.  They may lack aesthetic appeal, but offer superior audio reproduction.  Although that being said beats provide the deepest bass overall, which is kind of what you look for in these.  I don’t know if I’ll be getting them but they do look awesome.

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