The hunt for the Yeezy 2s

Friday, June 8, 2012
I don't care what anyone says, the Yeezy 2s deserve all the hype it's getting because they are just THAT dope. If you're a true sneakerhead, you just can't deny the fact that these are so different and unique that it keeps the sneaker game alive with the fresh styling and innovative design behind it.  The problem with this release is that you can clearly see the true effect of re-sellers killing the game for true sneakerheads like us. I've never seen a pair of shoes sky rocket in value as quickly as these before they even release.  You can throw the Galaxy release out the window, cause the hype on these is astronomical in comparison.  With our chances slim, I head down to Social Status and Fresh Exclusive with my sneakerhead friend Young to get a raffle ticket for a chance at owning these babies.

These cats have been camping outside Social Status for over a week now.  They should have a pair on lock if all goes well.

This dude from Raleigh was first in line.  You can see the exhaustion in his face.

Employees gotta stay fly at Social Status - Concords x The Hundreds tanktop

I like this set up

This thing is just dope, BBC ice cream goodness!

Sneakers on the left side

Sneakers on the right side

Sneakers on the top side, pretty much sneakers err'where!

Camo is always in

10 Deep Goodness!

Young comtemplatin'.....Do it, haha

They got The Hundreds!  Love that brand

Hundred tees

Sneakers on the Walls!

Son of Mars, cop or not?

I am really diggin the sneaker displays.  The white lighting behind them were mad ill!

A.J.K.Os are sooo dope, you gotta love that canvas!

HUF Goodies

More sneakers!  I want those Air Max 95s

Young, get them Gorilla Adidas yo! haha

Man, these are pretty syck, Bo Jackson's Nike Air Trainer SC II.  Bo Knows!

HUF Tees

Mad respect for Diamond and their accessories

Hell yeah, they even have Comme Des Garcons stuff

Barber shop connected right to the shop, so you can get Freshly fitted after a Fresh Cut.  This cat right here can hook it up!

So will these dudes!

Summit Lake Hornets Lebron 9s just chillin' in this cardboard box

Dope fit right there if you ask me

Play Cloths section

Ummmm, yeah.  These bred AJKOs on my feet means I am not leaving w/out them. haha

More HUF dopeness

This dude brought his dog in, which was dope...but not as dope as these Doernbecher Charity AJ 6s

We rolled down a block over to Fresh Exclusive, NC own's sneaker heaven.  This dude right here knows.

Can't stop the crooks, this dude was decked out in Crooks coupled with some gold jewelry

Metallic Red foams, you can't go wrong w/ those

This dude was cool

Working tirelessly

Kinda hard to tell due to the reflections, but those were Miami Vice Lebron 9s and Galaxy a Nike Mag drawing, haha.

Lots of heat, no Nike SBs though

Nike Flight Ones "Fresh Mint" anyone?

Dude copped some Jeremy Scott Original Wings Camo Adidas for cheappp!

Definitely dope, but you really need to wear them with shorts to show off that safety orange

After hitting up the shops and chillin' with some kool ppl, we went and got some pho and headed home.  It's all up to the sneaker god's hand as to whether we will be lucky enough to get a pair of Yeezy's.  Pray for me ya'll.........pray for me, haha.

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