If there's a will there's a way! Yeezy 2s Story

Monday, June 18, 2012
The sneaker game has changed so much in the last year and a half.  With the hype of sneakers being blown up by celebrities and athletes, it has definitely reached the mainstream for the worst.  Sneakers are growing ever increasingly difficult to obtain and the re-sell values are reaching an all time high.  This is clear with the release of the Yeezy 2s, and companies like Nike are fully aware of this hype.  Demands are extremely high and they keep the supply low in order to keep customers coming back begging for more.  Being fully aware how the game works, I still had to get my hands on these shoes.  It has nothing to do with how rare it is, or the hype behind it, it's all about the styling and the fresh design for me.  I love attention to details, and there are no lack of intricate details to these shoes.

I wanted these shoes soooo bad, but the problem was how to get them.  These are not shoes you can just go to a store and cop, people were camping out months in advance for them.  Since I have a full time job and cannot afford to just camp out for so long, the best chance I had was to enter the various raffles that was going on for these or try to get them online when they release.  So I entered every single raffle I could find that would let me enter and I was one of the ones camping out the wholeeee day online on the Nike Twitter account waiting to get the tweet for a link to buy the shoes on Nike.com.  On release day, Nike didn't send out the link until some time around 11pm, and as soon as I got the link, I clicked it, added my shoes to the cart and press Check Out.  After a few minutes of waiting, the server crashed and when I went back in to try again, the sneakers were all gone and so was my online opportunity.  It boggles my mind how some people were able to get through and I wasn't especially when I didn't miss a beat at adding these.  The following day, I watched in agony as the raffles were being drawn and none of them yielded my name.  Eventually, I was settling to the conclusion that these were not meant to be.  The following day at work, I was still pretty bummed out but I was looking at all the ebay auctions to see if any of them were within a reasonable price point.  They were all re-selling over $2K, and it seems they will only get higher.

By night time, I was sure these shoes would never be in my possession until that fateful phone call on my phone from a 704 number.  704 is the area code for Charlotte, NC numbers and I immediately knew it was a call from Social Status.  Just a few days before, I had went down there to put my name into the raffle and I heard from my friend Young that they were drawing names late in the raffle.  When the employee from Social Status told me I won the raffle, I flipped out and maybe shed a few tears of joy.  I think I told him I Loved him as well, lol.  Big shout out to Social Status for hooking it up big time and making my dreams come true.  I can't describe how awesome it feels to win these, but I know I will appreciate these shoes unlike all the resellers camping outside their store.  I feel like I willed myself to getting these shoes, so big thanks to all the people that helped me obtain these.  Anyways, sorry for the long story....here are some detailed pics for you to enjoy:

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