Eric Koston: Epicly Later'd via VICE

Sunday, September 23, 2012
Eric Koston was and still is one of the best if not THE best skater around. The guy is just pure skill and can bust it out whenever he wants. I've seen some of his later stuff post 2000, but this series starts from the early 90's to now. Cool to see how he got his start and where he is today.

Playlist (6 videos)

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Sparkcon/BazaarSpark 2012 Re-cap

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
It's been another successful year for the Sparkcon festival, capping off the weekend with the Bazaarspark.  This year, we had the FYSH Market up and running, selling some fresh FYSH gear.  It was a lot of fun and the weather on Saturday couldn't be anymore perfect.  It rained on Sunday, so after a few hours of braving the cold and wet, we packed it up early.  Here are some photos from Saturday though:

People setting up

The Carolina Bee Company was one of our neighbors

This chalk wall was awesome, people could write what they wanted to do before they died

Obviously I wanted to go Fyshing before I died.

Chalk drawing competition was on full force with hundreds of artists of all age and size competing.  It was epic, you saw chalk artwork everywhere you went on this side of the block.

This map was pretty awesome and useful.

Too bad I couldn't find all the Graffiti artwork, I missed out on all the awesome pieces that were displayed.  Here's one I saw near where I parked.

Don't forget to register to vote, lots of people out there promoting the election and registering voters.

The boys from MOB Mentality made an appearance all the way from Wilmington.  Make sure you check them out

These bowls made from old vinyl was pretty awesome!  He even made clocks too.

Handcrafted wood accessories

Setting up our little market

This guy had some of the craziest clocks, it was pretty awesome!

Handcrafted leather accessories from Li Sashay, very kool people!

Guru and Trenten came to chill

Trippy artwork

Chimney Sweeps promoting the Christmas Carol

Rick from Nyla Elise reppin'

Ashton found some flowers!

Lawrence came to hold the baby for us while we made sales, haha

Jason, former designer for Likuid Nation stopped by

One of our neighbors selling handmade metal jewelry

Ricky and Ethan, haha

Reggie from EGO Leather Goods came through to show us love!

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