Boston Trip

Saturday, December 7, 2013
Kenny recently moved to Boston, so Ricky and I decided to pay him a visit.  Kenny scored a dope apartment with a very nice view.

We decided to come visit Kenny, check out all the dope shops, and go to the Yeezus concert.  I brought my Yeezys to rock for the concert.  Figured if there was a time to rock it, it'd be at the Yeezus concert haha.

Kenny and his friend Kevin signed up to do the Spartan Race in Fenway Park.  We decided to tag along to spectate.

It was a lot harder than they thought, but both finished and earned their medal!

After the race, we decided to hit up Johnny Cupcakes.  This brand is so dope, such an inspiration to us.

Stopped by the Nike Store, saw this amazing display.

Then we hit up DQM x Vans shop.  It was very nice, with lots of dope displays.

We randomly passed by this store called Riccardi.  They didn't let me take pictures inside but it was jam packed with dopeness.  They had tons of KAWS statues and stocked with brands like Mastermind, Neighborhood, Comme des Garcons, etc.  Needless to say, everything was priced in the realm of ridiculousness, so we didn't cop anything.

We made a pit stop at this Sneaker boutique called "At The Buzzer", copped some accessories and Jason Markk shoe cleaner.  They had a lot of shoes, definitely a haven for sneakerheads looking for heat.

We had to stop by this legendary store, Bodega.  It was definitely as dope as I thought it would be.  They told me not to take pictures, but I did anyways cause I liked the store so much.  I was able to buy a nice button up to rock for the night and Ricky copped a dope polka dotted Herschel duffle bag.

We stopped by another sneaker boutique called "Laced", had a good chat with the guy working there.  He was a hip hop dancer, definitely cool people and friendly.  Also, lots of dopeness in the store as well.

We also hit up AWOL, which was packed with merchandise.  This store had a lot of clothes as well as shoes, which I like because sometimes these boutiques really lacks selection, but this place had it all.  Very nice setup as well.

We hit up other places as well but I didn't get a chance to take pictures.  Overall, the trip to Boston was awesome.  I would definitely come back again, it's like a mini New York.  Aside from all the shopping, I also really enjoyed the food in Boston.  We had seafood, burgers, noodles, dim sum, etc. and it was all really freaking good.  Looking forward to my next visit.

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