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Saturday, December 7, 2013
In the heart of Franklin Street on UNC's campus, there is now an official streetwear clothing store.  This is actually pretty amazing because just a year ago, this would have been unheard of.  Like all new trends, North Carolina is usually slow to pick up on what's hot, so the streetwear market have been next to nonexistent in our area.  Luckily, my friend Ryan who started the Thrill Life brand was able to secure a deal for a nice little spot right on the historic Franklin Street strip and opened up the Thrill City store.

422A West Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Hours:  Tues - Friday:  2pm - 7pm
Saturday:  1pm - 7pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm
Closed on Mondays

Although small, the store is very inviting and Ryan continues to come up with ideas on how to improve it.  The natural wood is definitely a nice look.  I like the creativity with the hanging table as well.

He's very meticulous about branding and putting out quality products as you can see in all the Thrill City merchandise.  Check out how dope these black boxes are, perfect for Christmas presents.

One of the coolest thing about Thrill City is that it is also the spot in Chapel Hill to pick up other local brands like, FYSH, Skyed, LIES, and Woodville.  This is a shop aimed at not only promoting Thrill City, but other local brands as well.  We definitely appreciate the exposure.

I spy some Woodville accessories.  I love this brand, everything they make is so dope.

You can pick up some of our Varsity jackets from the store as well

Our snapbacks hanging up next to some 5-panels from a new Chapel Hill based brand called "Skyed".  I don't know much about them, but their hats are nice!

There's a bunch of dope free stickers when you drop by the shop

If you live in North Carolina, definitely swing by the shop and check it out.  The store continues to evolve everyday and there's always something new to see.  It would definitely be worth your while, so please shop Thrill City and support the local streetwear movement!

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