Nike SB Tiffany Dunk Highs - Campout

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Last year, someone on Instagram leaked a picture of the Tiffany Dunk Highs and the hype around it started building up.  When it was confirmed that they would indeed be released, I knew the hype would be insane, and I was not wrong.  Come Thursday, two days before the release, people already started camping out for them in our area at Vertical Urge in Raleigh, NC.  I knew that if I wanted a pair, I would have to camp out as early as I possible can.  Since I have a full time job, I couldn't get there until Friday night, which is actually still really early as far as camp out goes in our area.  Normally, you come early in the morning and you're good, but the game has changed a lot in the past few years.

I swung by Ricky's place around 9pm, and we carpooled together over to Vertical Urge around 10pm.  When we got there, the campout line already started wrapping around, and there were quite a bit of people there:

People had portable heaters set up:

Someone forreal brought a TV so they could play X-Box. The camp-out was actually quite organized, the moment we went there, we put our name down the list and stated which sizes we were looking to buy.  Ricky and I was 41st and 42nd in line:

People brought blankets to keep them warm, and laptops to keep themselves entertained:

This guy brought his custom lowrider skateboard:

I am glad people didn't come to this campout in lame shoes, always nice to see some heat being worn.

It got really cold, so we brought out some heat to keep these kids warm.  Supreme dunks:


What did you wear to campout shot:

Morning time finally came!

Glad we were able to make it through the cold night:

Almost opening time! Everybody looking excited:

These hustlers started camping out at 3pm on Friday and they were still 30th in line:

Nice long line of campers:

Snapped some pix of shoes while we waited:

One of the Thursday campers, this dude had his mom and dad camping out with him.  That's pretty awesome!

This girl had on the warmest thing I've ever seen, some sort of Persian robe or something.

Me, about to pay for my pair:

Ricky excited he's getting his pair and in his size.  It was all worth it:

12 hours later and I get to walk home with these babies!!!  Success!  Comment and tell us about your success story.

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